Changing Nature of Pandemic Construction

After nearly a year of doing work and school virtually from home, people are still adjusting to the changes that this new way of life has brought. In big cities, it is not safe for people to leave their homes or apartments due to COVID-19, so New York apartments have been altering the construction and layout of apartments to accommodate to people’s increase in time at home. They decided to make these alterations specifically because there is not enough room in these apartments for separate offices, living spaces, bedrooms, and storage.

In 2021, we are able to create furniture and make homes “smart”, meaning that everything can be moved by the press of a button. One example is robotic furniture, which has been installed in some NYC apartments. The purpose of the robotic furniture is geared towards Zoom backgrounds, and being able to have a multifunctional apartment. Because New York apartments tend to be very small, having multifunctional furniture is very smart. Some beds can fold into the wall, creating more room for other at home activities, such as working and being on Zoom calls.

Another type of robotic furniture is a desk that turns into cabinets. Controlling what you want your furniture to do is extremely easy and accessible, because all you have to do is press a button on an app. The new modern day apartments have adjusted to the new norm of being at home all day and working from home to fulfill people’s needs and wants to be comfortable and not claustrophobic. Since New York has altered the apartments to be friendly for working at home, it has inspired other real estate agents and construction workers to alter the way that they are designing houses, apartments, etc. Even though this will cost a lot more money and use more technology, many people will benefit from this layout. This layout consists of a bed that will move up into a part of the ceiling so there is room for a couch. There is also a living room with a TV on a cabinet, and the cabinets will move with the press of a button and turn into a desk/office space.

The new modern day apartments are high in technology yet still look modern. The new apartments are perfect for any one who wants to be able to enjoy being at home.