Back to School or Stay Virtual: What Did You Choose and Why?

Students at Berkley High School have been learning virtually for almost a whole year due to the global pandemic. From 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., students sit and watch a screen in their own homes, alone, separated from their peers. This has been extremely difficult, and has resulted in many students wanting to go back to school.

Mr. Meloche, principal of Berkley High School, announced that students had the option of going back to in-person school on a hybrid schedule starting Feb. 22. Students with last names starting with A-K will go Monday and Tuesday, and students with last names starting with L-Z will go Thursday and Friday. This system is set up to limit the amount of exposure from COVID-19 for students and teachers. Masks are mandatory throughout the day, and students are required to be six feet apart at all times. Families must choose if they want their children to go back to school or to stay home which has proven to be a difficult decision for many people since going back to school is definitely a risk.

Freshman Sharmel Gibson is choosing not to return to in person learning. She states, “I am not sure if it is safe, and I want to see how it goes and if people get exposed to COVID. I am also traveling during mid winter break, so I feel like it won’t be safe for other people if they are traveling as well.”

Like Gibson, freshman Seth Davidson is deciding to stay at home. He explains, “I liked how I had a set schedule everyday at home. I also am staying home because I feel more comfortable because I would rather be home without a mask.”

Sophia Baron, freshman, says she would rather go back. She states, “I miss being in school and as a freshman I want to know what Berkley High School is like before I go into my sophomore year.”

What made me choose to go back in person is to just switch up my surroundings, and have a new place to study and do my work in.

— Kylie Ritter

Kylie Ritter, sophomore, explains why she chose to go back. “What made me choose to go back in person is to just switch up my surroundings, and have a new place to study and do my work in. Since we have been at home for so long, I have been doing everything in my room, and I wanted to change my atmosphere. I also think that being in person will help me to focus more, because I can get really distracted when I’m just sitting at home.”

Junior Jordyn Wolf explains why she is going back too. “I am going back to school, so I can meet my teachers and to see my friends”.

For both teachers and students, returning to school during a pandemic can be stressful. They have to decide if they are willing to take the risk. Most students want to get back into the real world, but some would prefer to stay in the comfort of their home. Hopefully, with time, we will all be back to Berkley High School safely together.