Junior Jumpstart Monday – Brynne Scully

Meet Brynne Scully:

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?
A: Mrs. Smith, my choir teacher because I’ve known her since middle school, and she makes class really fun and enjoyable.

Q: What is a moment in school or in class that you have especially enjoyed?
A: I have been on the girls swim team since freshman year, and the seasons that we beat Royal Oak were definitely the best.

Q: Do you have any embarrassing or funny freshman year stories?
A: In my biology class freshman year, we convinced Mr. Austermann to let us watch Magic School Bus when we were learning about photosynthesis.

Q: When you were a kid, did you have any thoughts about what career you wanted to pursue? If so what were they?
A: I wanted to be a teacher because my teachers were my idols when I was in elementary school. 

Q: If you were a color, what color would you be and why?
A: I would be lavender because I’m pretty chill, but I have a lot of personality.

Q: What music has influenced your attitude to life?
A: Chloe and Halle’s newest album “Ungodly Hour” has for sure made me more confident and more self expressive.

Q: If you had to live somewhere else, where would you live and why?
A: I would want to live in Asbury Park, New Jersey because it’s right on the ocean, and it’s a little beach town full of lots of different kinds of people and food.