How Are You Adapting to Lunch?

On Feb. 22, students at BHS went back to school, but only twice a week. Due to COVID-19, there have been precautions made at school, especially during lunch time, since that is a time where students will not have masks on. Not having masks on could stress students out, so the school has had to make some changes such as limiting how many people can sit at a table. At the tables, there used to be six students allowed, now there are only four people allowed with shields.

According to Mr. Meloche, “Students were asked to eat in the cafeteria, collaborative center, and courtyard. Students are allowed to leave during lunch except the freshman. With that being said, this provides a safer environment for students.” Since students are allowed to leave they can eat at home or in an environment they are more comfortable with.

“Berkley High School has made lunch a safe environment for students.

— Madeline Welsh

Freshmen aren’t allowed to leave which means they have to eat in the cafeteria, collaborative center, or courtyard. Freshman Madeline Welsh says, “With the restrictions for lunch I stay in the cafeteria with a few friends which makes me not as lonely. I believe the shields on the tables make it so I am comfortable while I’m eating with my mask off. Berkley High School has made lunch a safe environment for students.”

Most sophomores, juniors, and seniors will leave campus because they have their license or just to get out of school for a bit of a break to be in a different setting. Senior Liam Sarris states, “I go home most days or go out to lunch because no senior really stays on campus for lunch and it’s safer especially since the pandemic. I can eat in my house with a friend and feel comfortable and just get a break from school before the last couple classes.” To relate to Sarris, it is good for your mental health to change settings. Lunch is a long enough time to regroup, go home, and be able to have a mask off without worrying about people being near you.

Amelia Karp

All in all, the new restrictions are suitable for all students to be safe. Although lunch is very different from how it used to be, students seem to be adjusting just like how they have been with everything else since the global pandemic. Lunch is still the time to regroup and socialize even with the shields and more restrictions.