Emma Cherrin – Student Leadership


Emma Cherrin has been a standout member of the student leadership classroom for the past three years because of her passion, constant motivation, and kindness that Emma puts into everything she does. Whether that is in the student leadership classroom or other places, she leads with compassion and empathy. Emma’s efforts are not only highlighted in student leadership; she also co-created the Girl Up club along with being the 2020-2021 NHS English Committee chairperson.

As the student body vice president, Emma shares that being a part of student leadership has provided her with so many skills and opportunities that she would not have necessarily received without taking this class. She mentioned her strengthened ability to talk to different students, teachers, and even businesses around the area. She also learned how to better deal with “real world” issues and was able to apply what she learned to areas outside of the classroom. Being able to be a part of the student leadership community was a highlight overall for her, but Emma shared that her most memorable experiences were those spent with her classmates whom she had spent the years in student leadership with.

When asked what advice she would give to other high school students, she emphasized the fact to try new things and to not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Embracing all different aspects of school and what there is to offer ends up making the whole experience that much better. Emma will be greatly missed here at Berkley, although we can’t wait to see how far she will go in the next chapter of her life! She is excited to be attending the University of Michigan next fall!