Darryl Cunningham – Most Unforgettable

Darryl Cunningham has made quite the impact on Berkley High School. You may know him from his position as running back on the football team, his general positive energy, or even have just heard his names throughout the halls. He is known throughout the school for “making people feel welcome” and “making people laugh.” His contagious laugh and general presence brightens any room that he walks into. Overall, Darryl is a very unforgettable person.
One of Darryl’s favorite parts of his high school experience, and something he was known for was playing football. He has been on the team since his junior year. This year, Darryl was proud to score his first touchdown. The way that the team became a sort of family is what really makes being on the football team so special according to Darryl. “It’s not just the football,” he said. “They taught me a lot.” The family that the football team became taught him great teamwork skills and how to support others.

Take your work seriously and try new things.

— Darryl Cunningham

From this experience, he would tell any student to “take your work seriously and try new things.” He would advise any student to open up your horizons to make new friends and learn new things about yourself. His unforgettable impact on Berkley High School would not have been what it is if he had not done this.
Darryl will be attending The University of Michigan in the fall. Although he does not know exactly what he will major in, he hopes to get either his bachelors or masters degree. He also wants to continue doing one of his favorite hobbies, boxing, into the future.