Donovan Selph – Orchestra


Donovan Selph, violinist, has been in orchestra since freshman year and symphony orchestra since sophomore year. “I loved the high school experience and orchestra as a whole. I loved creating new relationships that will last me through college and through life.” He is honored to receive the Senior Standout award and feels that he earned the award by trying his hardest.

He loves playing the violin and has become close with Mr. Robertson. He immediately fell in love with orchestra after he picked up his first violin in fifth grade, and he’s been playing the instrument since. “My favorite part of orchestra is at a concert, when everything comes together and the entire symphony is in sync, nailing the songs. There’s nothing like when a concert gets in rhythm.”

To any current and future members of the orchestra, Donovan wants to tell you to “Keep doing it if you love it. If you don’t make symphony, just try again. Orchestra is a great opportunity, and Berkley is the place to do it. Mr. Robertson will help you. He’s so great and will make sure that your experience in orchestra is the best that it can be. ” Donovan is going to University of Michigan and plans to major in something in LSA, likely statistics or sports management. He will likely join the orchestra at U of M as well.