Olivia Bath – Choir

Olivia Bath first joined choir her freshman year and has since taken the class for all four years of high school. Bath has been in Encore! since her freshman year. She then auditioned and joined A Cappella her senior year. Olivia has been an amazing addition to both choirs. She has gotten many solos in Encore! and has blown the audience away with every performance.

One of Bath’s favorite parts of being in choir is going to the show choir competitions with Encore!. Hundreds of choirs from across the country come to compete at these competitions. “They’re just great bonding experiences,” says Bath. She has made many friends in choir and those types of events really allow for the groups to grow even closer. From travelling to different places, to the many events at the competition, she loves the way music connects people.

Olivia is undecided on where she would like to go to college, but she does know that she wants to study music. She wants to go into either music production or music management after college. Bath would also jump at any possibility to perform in the future. Choir has taught Bath many valuable lessons. Berkley’s choir program has helped her become much more confident in herself as an individual as well as allowing her to showcase her talents as a performer. She is beyond grateful for the relationships choir has allowed her to grow, and she hopes to continue to use music as a way of connecting with people into the future.