Nick Binschus – Choir

Nick Binschus has been in choir for his whole life. Music has always been very important to him. Throughout high school, Nick has been a part of both A Cappella and Encore! choirs and was Bass section leader in both choirs his senior year. Nick auditioned for A Cappella in eighth grade and was accepted going into his freshman year. This was a great accomplishment for him. He got into Encore! the following year and has been in both choirs for the past three years.

Binschus has made many friends and is very grateful for the opportunities choir has given him. One of Nick’s favorite parts of being in choir is the holiday “Ugly Sweater Tours” all of the choir students do. Right before winter break, the choir students go to the elementary schools in the district and perform holiday music. Binschus said that “Carol of the Bells is my favorite song that we sing,” along with the other holiday songs, such as “Believe” from The Polar Express. “The Christmas music in general has always been my favorite.”

Binschus is undecided about his plans after high school, but he has plans to attend community college out of state. He hopes to continue with music wherever he does end up. He does not know if it will be simply a hobby or something he will become serious about, but he “definitely wants to continue with music.” Overall, choir has deeply impacted Binschus’s life in and out of the choir room and will continue to create and enjoy music throughout the rest of his life.