Zach Friedman – DECA


With two years of marketing experience, Zach Friedman has been very successful with his time during DECA, an international competition that plans to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and business ready.
Friedman has qualified for state competition and ended up being the state champion of the entrepreneurship series of 2020 in his first year of DECA. As for his second year, though he was not able to move onto the international competition, he was still extremely proud of his DECA experiences. “There are so many parts of DECA that I loved, but my favorite would probably be the networking opportunity I was given at the conferences. I was able to reconnect with a friend from Hebrew school who I had not seen in many years.”
Friedman also stated that he loved being surrounded by other people who are just as passionate about business as he is. Friedman will be attending Michigan State University in the fall. He will most likely be studying finance and possibly continue onto law school.
In Friedman’s time during DECA, he loved that he was able to reconnect with friends from Hebrew school and was able to make new friendships with people he met along the way. This is preparing him for the real world by enabling him to go meet new people in state and out of state. Friedman stated “DECA helped me realize something, you don’t start small and go big, you start local and go international”.