Bella Bakeman – News and Broadcasting


Bella Bakeman has become a true leader after being in News and Broadcasting at Berkley High School all throughout her high school career. Bella has loved her high school experience at Berkley after switching schools in middle school. News and Broadcasting made her transfer to BHS a lot easier, because she found something that she was truly passionate about. Bella has learned many new interesting things while in this class. She states, “this class has and will continue to help me with jobs and interviews. I will always have these skills that I learned in this class to help me in the future.” In a world where everything is virtual, Bella’s skills from News and Broadcasting at Berkley will help her for many years to come. Bella explains that her high position of leading the class was a fun and safe environment for her in her school day. Though she is nervous and upset to leave her important role behind, she knows the new student will do a great job in the News and Broadcasting world. After graduation from high school, Bella will go to Michigan State or Wayne State honors college. She wants to study psychology and political science. No matter what path Bella decides to take in life, she will always use her valuable News and Broadcasting skills.