Ben Scarcello – Most Artistic


As soon as Ben Scarcello had a smartphone, he began taking pictures of his surroundings. Photography is one of his favorite things to do. He sees the world around him in terms of possible compositions and the beauty that can be seen from a photo. His favorite thing to take pictures of is simply the world around him. He loves to notice interesting buildings and architecture around the world. His family often travels, and he enjoys documenting these trips through photography. Ben’s photography truly captures the beauty of nature and creativity.

Ben has always been artistic. “I wouldn’t say I’ve always been very artistically talented, but it’s always been an interest of mine,” says Ben. His passion for art has allowed him to grow as an artist and get to where he is now. He has discovered an eye for seeing the world in photos. He often looks at other photographers’ work for inspiration to take photos in a different or new way.

In the fall, Ben will be attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he will be studying architecture. He hopes to help create more of the beauty he sees within the world. In the future, he hopes to find something that he is passionate about. He would love to use his artistic skills to “help to create positive change somewhere and provide something new and interesting to the world.” Ben’s artistic talent has brought him a lot of joy and he is hoping to spread that joy in the future.