The Definitive Berkley High Bathroom Review


At last! The time has come for your daily trip to the bathroom during 3rd hour English class! Walking out the door, you debate which bathroom you will choose to spend the next few minutes of your precious free time in. If this complex thought has ever crossed your mind throughout your long day in school, you’ve come to a place with answers.
The Spectator’s own, Henry Robertson and Lily Cierpial, have set out to provide the official ranking of the top three girls and boys bathrooms at BHS. In order to do this, we visited and researched all 13 bathrooms in the school, Lily reported about the girls bathrooms, and Henry about the boys. To get the most accurately ranked lists, we went in with their standards high, and expectations even higher, evaluating each bathroom with 4 out of the 5 senses in mind; sight, touch, smell, and hearing.
In third place for the girls is the Science bathroom. This bathroom is a bit hidden, lying right at the end of the Science hall. As soon as I entered this bathroom, my attention was stolen as I gazed at the clean white tiles. They coordinated very well with the red door, which I noticed was very chic. The layout was noticeably different from the usual, a nice in-between-sized bathroom for sure. The aroma in the air wasn’t bad, so no complaints. Not to mention, the mirrors had very good visibility and lighting. Although this bathroom was visually appealing, it is placed at third place, as the other bathrooms rating soared above in comparison.
Coming in third place for boy’s bathrooms is the English hall bathroom. This specific bathroom is located right by the auditorium and is at the end of the English hallway. The bathroom also has a refreshing scent of spring flowers when you walk in. As I checked the stalls, there was no evidence of toilet paper on the floor and every stall had toilet paper. The mirror was in almost perfect condition with very few scratches. It was extremely clean but had no paper towel dispenser. Dispensers are key for an easy route to get in and out of the bathrooms yet, it still passes the touch test, but the overall rating would’ve been higher with a dispenser. If this bathroom had a paper towel dispenser, the sky would be the limit, but until this happens it is ranked at 3rd place.
As for the girls, the English hall bathroom takes the Silver medal. Just opening the door to this bathroom was enough to know its accurate placement. The air was fresh, with scents of soap and disinfectant spray, this bathroom brought instant joy to the nose. As I moved on to examining each stall, all necessities were included, toilet paper, cleanliness, you name it. Although, one stall, in particular, did stand out to me. The big handicap stall was noticeably one of the biggest girls’ stalls at Berkley. It was very large and perfect for a nice trip to the bathroom, especially if you’re lugging around a heavy backpack. Although this location is only convenient if you’re in English class, the walk there is one of my favorite loops around the school for sure. Altogether, in second place bathroom, but a pretty close first if I’m being totally honest.
The second place for the boy’s bathrooms has to be the Office bathroom downstairs, located right across from the office leading into the west gym. As soon as I walked in, the air was crisp and smelled like fresh flowers. As I checked the stalls, everyone had toilet paper and had no toilet paper on the ground. After analyzing the stalls, I noticed that the mirror was in perfect condition. This bathroom has everything you need and is an extremely strong number two. Overall, it had no problems and passed every test.
And finally, going for gold, we’ve got the girl’s History hall bathroom. Right as I walked into this one, I noticed it’s huge layout and clean floors. The scent, similar to the previous bathrooms, smelled like delicious soap, a very enjoyable scent. Not to mention the sinks and mirrors: spotless. The 6 stalls were also very pleasing to the eyes. There has definitely never been a line in this bathroom with all those stalls to choose from. Overall this golden bathroom takes the first place prize.
Junior Parker Fritz favors this bathroom as well, and explained that she liked it because of its “secludedness, while still maintaining easy access points”. Fritz points out that despite its numerous stalls to choose from, her favorite one is “the third one on the left or the big one if that one is occupied.”
Now coming in first place for boy’s bathrooms at Berkley High School is the Spanish bathroom. This bathroom is fabulous with a large layout and extremely large stalls. This bathroom also possessed a fresh aroma similar to every other bathroom. Every stall was stocked with toilet paper and only one stall out of the four had toilet paper on the ground. Yes, you heard that correctly, this bathroom has four stalls, and each stall is extremely spacious! Making it extremely comfortable and private to go to the bathroom for students.
Junior Riley Shafritz is one student who loves going to the Spanish bathroom. He has been enjoying this bathroom since Freshman year and loves the stalls. When asked about what he likes most he said, “The four stalls are exquisite and large with great privacy,”.
The mirror had some smudges, but none were extremely noticeable. To conclude, the Spanish bathroom is spectacular because of its large layout, many stalls, and the privacy included. The Spanish bathroom is truly the “Goat” at Berkley High School.

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