Bieber Fever Resurfaces


Justin Bieber Movie Poster

On October 8, 2021, pop star Justin Bieber released a new movie called Our World. I will be giving my review of this movie. The title of the movie is significant because the first album he has ever released was called my world. Bieber made this movie because he wanted fans to know that performing isn’t always easy; the amount of stress and anxiety built up before a performance is a constant struggle even if it is done consistently. He released this movie at a perfect time because Bieber is loved by many people and was voted for the Artist of the Year award, and he wanted to show the world what his life is really like by creating a movie.
Bieber mentions that music is his getaway especially with the hard time he had during the COVID-19 pandemic. He made do with the situations and was still able to perform, but not in the same way he normally would perform. In the movie, it showed his performances during covid, which were held on a rooftop or in an outdoor setting where there was no one watching him. He said, “I was happy to get the opportunity to still do what I did even during a pandemic.” He also stated that he was lucky to have such a great wife as his support system in addition to all of his fans that have constantly supported him through all of his ups and downs. The documentary highlights how good of a human Bieber truly is. It also shows how much respect he has for his wife and fans. Bieber is very appreciative to have such a good support system because he wouldn’t be where he is today without everyone’s love and respect towards him.
I enjoyed many aspects of this new release. One main aspect of this movie that caught my attention was the extravagant way that Bieber picks out his outfit for each of his performances. He would have racks of shirts, pants, and shoes that he would have to try on to see the one he felt would match his show best. This was very interesting because seeing famous people have so many options is amusing and the outfits go along with him as a person which is very interesting as well. The movie showed him performing many different songs at many different places with all his different outfits to go with each place.
Our World was released at a great time for Bieber because it was just a few weeks after he won artist of the year. Overall, this movie was entertaining, especially for Beliebers like myself. Although, one thing that I didn’t really like about the movie was that it focused mostly on his performances, rather than his life struggles. Although the performances were outstanding, it would’ve been nice to dig deep into what it’s like to be as famous as Bieber and what a day looks like in his thousand-dollar shoes.
All in all, this movie is perfect for all Beliebers. It represents who Justin is, along with his performances, which never let anyone down. His talent is unmatched and he is a great role model for so many people; he helps charities and does so much more. His talent made his fans very supportive which motivated him to make this movie