Autumn Themed Movies and Shows


When the leaves start to turn red and the air becomes crisp, there is no better way to spend a fall day than to curl up in your bed with your coziest blanket and watch a classic fall movie or show. This season comes with some of the most exceptional movies and shows that deserve attention. When this period rolls around, students are just returning to school and it can be a bit stressful and overwhelming. Taking a break to watch a relaxing and comforting fall film might help students ease into the new school year. Below are some greatly favored fall movies and shows to watch.
The most friendly and upbeat fall show is Gilmore Girls. This show has always been a favorite during this time because it is about a single mom and her daughter living in a small town in Connecticut. In this cozy, picturesque town, everyone knows and cares about each other. Their town of Stars Hollow does a great job of fall decorating during many of the seasons. They adorn the set with pumpkins, fall nature, and welcoming community-wide events that everyone attends. This show is about family and community and the wholesome touch from the actors and the charming plot make this a wonderful fall binge.
Another fall classic, When Harry Met Sally, is an excellent excuse to throw on some pajamas and relax. In 1977, college graduates Harry Burns and Sally Albright decided to embark on a twelve-hour road trip together from Chicago to New York. This drive was spent arguing about whether males and females can ever be just friends, so they conclude that they cannot be friends. A few years later they bump into each other and soon become the best of friends. A significant scene in this movie is Harry walking with Sally in Central Park during the peak of fall. They are surrounded by orange and red leaves falling from the trees, providing this picture-perfect moment that captures the true beauty of fall.
There are many episodes in the famous show Friends that represent fall. Friends is a classic, well-known comedy show that takes place in Manhattan in the 1990s. The ten seasons are about six friends who go through every possible life experience together. They learn how to navigate life and mature as they start to get older. Many episodes center on fall. One, in particular, is when they have a big Thanksgiving dinner and they all play a big game of football. No matter what is happening in the show, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. During these fall episodes, you will feel like you too could be making Thanksgiving dinner with them. By watching all your favorite Thanksgiving foods being made, you will begin to smell the pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice through the screen. Friends is a cheerful way to pass time when the weather gets colder and we start to stay inside.
The final movie recommendation is the entire Twilight saga. When a high school student moves to Washington, she casually falls in love with a 104- year-old vampire that will forever be seventeen years old. This Halloween-type movie is very binge-worthy. The director, Catherine Hardwicke, does a great job of portraying the gray, misty, spooky Halloween vibe throughout the saga. The vampire and werewolf characters also add to the creepiness. The action and the plot of the story will keep you wanting more.
I hope this guide will calm your frustration when taking hours to pick the perfect movie to watch that will fit your fall mood. Even though this season comes around every year, it always sounds intriguing to get cozy next to the fireplace with some hot chocolate and to remember all the fantastic fall films.