Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Each year when Halloween comes around, picking a costume is a very big part of the holiday. And each year, costume trends phase in and out. This could make you wonder, How have costume trends changed over the years?
According to northvirginiamag.com, metro.co.uk and money.com, the top Halloween costumes in 2019 included It the clown, Spider-Man, Descendants characters, and Fortnite skins. These were popular at the time because those movies and games had just been released. In 2021, highschoolers definitely will not be dressed as Fortnite skins because it just isn’t “in” any more. Instead, you may see Among Us characters or Squid Game players because these are trending and have recently become popular.
Students at Berkley agree with this assumption. Freshman Ja’Ryan Hill predicts that the new trends we will see this Halloween include “anything from popular TV shows like Squid Game or the classics from scary movies like Michael Myers, Jason, and Freddy Krueger.”
These days, lots of people like to dress up with their friends. Lots of these group costumes are not very creative. Another Freshman from Berkley High school, Norah Eyeler said her and some friends wanted to dress as Bratz dolls this year. Alexandra V. Arcila, a freshman, said she wanted to dress as vampires with her friends. Other trendy group costumes, mostly for girls, this year include fairies, cheetah girls, cowgirls, and more.
Freshman Abby Watson agrees, saying, “I think cute group costumes are trending right now, like bratz dolls or barbies.”
Although these costumes are timeless, they get unoriginal after a few years. In the past, these types of costumes were very unpopular. Some could say costumes were more creative back then.
Watson adds on, “they have become more modern.”
Hill agrees, explaining how when people “think of new trends, young people follow what they see and wear it”.
Both of these statements explain how and why trends change each year. This is because new things become popular so everyone follows the trends with the goal of fitting in.
Some other costumes that may be popular- According to yahoo.com- include Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala, Steve from Blues Clues, Cruella de Vil from the new Cruella, Vision and Wanda from WandaVision, and many more.
This year, we will definitely be seeing some creative and maybe not-so-creative costumes. We will all get to see these costumes on the 31st!