Berkley Student’s New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is the perfect time to have a fresh start. Physically or mentally, most people want to make changes to better themselves. These changes are commonly known as New Year’s resolutions. Making a resolution can help people to set goals for the new year because we all know everyone needs that motivation. Let’s look into some of our fellow student’s New Year’s resolutions.
First, freshman Ethan Roth explains, “My New Year’s resolution is to get the best grades that I can.” Roth says he chose this because it is realistic and manageable. Roth believes this will help him get into colleges, and open doors to other opportunities for him.
Freshman Addison Catlin has a similar resolution to Roth. Her goal is to raise her grade in math. She says she chose this because her grade is not to her standards and says, “I strive for good grades.” Catlin believes she will keep her resolution because she has already started working on it. She explains how she is “currently getting help from tutors to achieve this goal.”
Sophomore Rikky Newman’s New Year’s resolution will also help her in the future as her resolution is to, and I quote, “get a job because I’m broke.” While her tone was very comedic, lots of high school students can probably relate to this. Newman said that this will help her in the future because she will have a good credit score. It makes sense… kind of. Moving on!
Lastly, junior Robert Belf says his resolution is to be more organized. Belf believes organization is key to being a successful high school student, whether it’s organizing a planner, a school project, or a backpack. Belf says, “​​school always seems to get a bit easier when I manage my time and organize my assignments, books, and documents.” Belf also explains how he predicts he will keep his resolution for at least a couple weeks, but hopefully for longer than that.
Now is the time to start thinking about what your resolutions are. Maybe you’ll have some inspiration after reading. When thinking of a resolution, it’s important to make your goals realistic, which will make you more likely to stick to it. Whatever it may be, big or small, making an improvement for 2022 could be awesome!