Boys Hockey Takes A Home Win

On Jan. 7, the boy’s hockey team took on the Bloomfield Hills Blackhawks, with a home game. The excitement and nerves were building up for the first home game of 2022. Finally, the day came that fans and players have been waiting for.
When the game began, the starting five were on the ice: senior Devin Price, senior Griffin Murray, senior Quinn O’Connor, senior Dylan Bernys, and senior Luke Lampman. Representing the Bears, as captain, were Price and Murray. The face off began, Bloomfield Hills started with the puck. The Griffins didn’t let them have the puck for long. They got it and immediately scored a goal. Afterwards, seniors Ben Kramer and Jake Domzalski subbed in and showed the other team off on the ice, using their intense speed and aggressiveness on the ice.
As the tension between teams picked up, the puck flew into the student section, then bounced off the net and landed in the ref’s hands. As a result, Bloomfield was playing with frustration, but got a shot on goal, making the score tied. The Griffins were anxious and pushing extra hard to be in the lead. Setting the pace, Price went crazy with his control of the puck, doing tricks left and right. He took the puck all the way up the rink keeping away from his opponents. This made the other team begin to get fierce which led to Lampman getting hurt by an illegal pick. The Bloomfield player who hurt Lampman got punished by being too aggressive, and was put in the penalty box.
Shortly after the injury he was back on the ice and was better than ever. The Griffins were passing and working together to get another fantastic goal. The other team couldn’t get past our goalie, because Nathaniel Crane the goalie was unstoppable and did not allow any goals in spite of the many shots being taken. Captain O’Connor was playing amazing because of his speed and control of the puck.
Freshman Charlie Price was going hard and scored a great goal. The parents were not happy with their sons in the goal, making the score 4-1. Shortly after his shot, he was put in the penalty box for stopping a fast break, but overall he played very well and the goal was worth it.
Fiercely, an intense fight broke out with the players;There were helmets off and some aggressive punches being thrown. The crowd was all at the edge of their seats with jaws dropped. The testosterone in the players was rushing through their veins with ample aggression. The refs got involved by pulling the players off of one another. This resulted in three players from Griffins in the penalty box and two players from Bloomfield in the penalty box. There was yelling from the hockey moms and dads. Fights on and off the ice occurred.
The last period started with the score of 4-2, Griffins taking the lead, with getting so many great shots on goal which led to the final score of 9 total shots and only 3 shots let in. It was another successful game for the Griffins!