Batman Review

On March 4th, “The Batman” was released in theaters and many (including me) are feeling the buzz and hype around this movie. Consisting of an outstanding cast starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz and directed by Matt Reeves, my own expectations were set high, and I did not know whether “The Batman” would fall tremendously short of my expectations, or exceed them.
This section of the review will contain no spoilers, and hopefully, it will help you decide whether or not you want to see the second highest-grossing film of 2022. First and foremost, let’s discuss the plot of the film. The plot is based around a murder mystery that highlights other underlying issues along the way. On Halloween night, a mysterious serial killer assassinates Gotham City’s mayor. Billionaire Bruce Wayne, who has been operating as the vigilante Batman, decides to join the Gotham police in investigating this case. During this investigation, Batman meets an unexpected ally and is forced to confront Gotham’s corruption and question his family’s involvement.
This film’s cast was incredible! The film stars were Pattinson, Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Jeffrey Wright, to name a few. All of them gave excellent performances, but let’s focus on Batman and Catwoman as characters. Pattinson played Batman, and I thought he was fantastic. This film depicted Wayne before he reached his peak. Wayne is troubled by his past and uses the vigilante Batman as a coping mechanism. In previous Batman films, Bruce Wayne has been at the height of his ability and technology, fighting crime and possessing all of the coolest gadgets. This film takes a different approach, depicting a superhero with flaws and who is far from perfect. I thought Pattinson did a great job showing the struggle of dealing with a traumatic past and ways to deal with this struggle. Kravitz played Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. A nightclub waitress, drug dealer, and burglar who meets Batman by chance while looking for her missing roommate. In comparison to Batman’s masculinity and dark personality, Kravitz provided a refreshingly different point of view. Selena is a mysterious character with unclear motivations and a different perspective on what is good and evil than Batman. Despite this, the two make excellent partners, with each having a strong desire to help others. I think Kravitz was extraordinary, playing this mysterious role extremely well. I also have a new celebrity crush.
I was entertained throughout the film, from beginning to end, for the entire three hours. I really liked the movie’s murder mystery plot, and I’d compare it to the movie, “Zodiac.” Some may argue that the beginning was slow or uninteresting, but I would have to disagree. The beginning establishes the setting, characters, and plot very well. The Catwoman was always energetic and left the audience with some major cliffhangers throughout the film. Another highlight of the film were the fight scenes. They were very entertaining to me, and I was always leaning forward in my seat. Overall, I enjoyed the film, and if you enjoy a murder mystery plot with a twist, you’ll be entertained for the whole ride.
The graphics and effects in the film were awesome! The way they depicted the batcave and Wayne Manor was one of my favorite designs or graphics in the film. In past movies, these two locations were portrayed as wealthy, luxurious, and high-end. Reeves takes a different approach in “The Batman,” depicting the Batcave as a dark, gloomy, and disorganized place. The manor is decaying and showing its age, expressing Wayne’s feelings about his past and his lack of interest in his family. The effects were brilliant, with terrific fight scenes and the perception of making things look very realistically, almost as if they were real.
Would I watch this film again, and how would I rate it? After reading my review, the reader would definitely believe that I would see it again. Yes, you are correct! I enjoyed this film from beginning to end, and it has exceeded all of my expectations as of now. Another reason I’d see this movie again is because of Kravitz, whom I hope to meet one day. Because of the excellent cast, story, and filming, I give this film a 9/10.
I interviewed junior Jonah Wolfe about his ranking of “The Batman” and his general thoughts about the movie. Wolfe stated, “I believe Batman was an absolute 10/10.” He backed up his statement by saying that, “The filmography and acting were amazing and just increased the action throughout the movie.” Wolfe credits Wayne for his success in life and says that he has “many similarities” with Wayne.
Overall, I think that everyone should go see the new Batman movie, and I hope that my article might have persuaded you to watch this outstanding movie. Wolfe ended his interview with a great statement, saying the movie “shed a new light on the superhero world, creating a new Batman and Catwoman (especially) for all fans to adore.”