A Guide to Navigating Senior Year

After three years of high school, students face the exciting, yet frightening, long anticipated senior year. The jump from junior to senior year can be quite overwhelming. Junior year is known to be filled with rigorous high school courses and time consuming studying for standardized tests. Following that year, with the courses being just as challenging, seniors have an even heavier workload on their backs: college applications. Since the most challenging parts of high school are behind them, here is some advice from current seniors to the current juniors, so they can feel more prepared for the intimidating year ahead of them.
First, BHS senior Payton Asher shares her thoughts on the application process and senior year. She explains, “When applying to college, get a head start and take your time on the applications.” Some advice she would give to the incoming seniors is “try not to get ‘senioritis’ too soon.” While trying to maintain her academics, she also feels it is also important to have fun and enjoy the school year. She mentions that so far, her favorite part of her senior year was the football games.


second semester senior year has not only been my favorite part of this year, but my favorite time in all the years of high school.

— Lola Belchinsky


Next, senior Lola Belchinsky provides us with her advice on senior year. Like Asher, Belchinsky feels that “it is very important to make sure you apply to all your colleges early and plan out when you are going to apply so that you aren’t extremely stressed and crammed as the application deadlines are approaching.” She also notes that it is crucial “to apply to colleges that you know you want to go to as opposed to a bunch of colleges that you aren’t sure about, because it’s really nice to have a few options, all of which you could see yourself going to, when it’s time to make a decision.”
She also points out that, “It’s important to apply to multiple safety schools, so that you can be confident there are a few schools that you could get into, and that you’d be happy to go to.” Belchinsky explains that juniors should know that “senior year is the best year, but you also need to be sure you keep up with all of your school work, so that you aren’t stressed all of the time.” This is important because your first semester transcript gets sent to your colleges. However, she describes that once you finish applying to schools, life is significantly less stressful.
When the process is over, “second semester senior year has not only been my favorite part of this year but my favorite time in all the years of high school. The second semester is extremely enjoyable, and it’s essential to savor your last few months of high school!”

Junior Abby Samson expresses her feelings on her fearful and exhilarating incoming senior year. She mentions, “I would say I’m a little nervous for next year because of college applications and deciding what school I want to go to is a pretty big undertaking.” While this is true, Samson explains that she is also looking forward to next year. “I think next year is going to be amazing! People really hype up being a senior, so I think it’ll be awesome.” She is also enthusiastic “to go to all the football games and also do all the senior bonding events.” And most importantly, she is “thrilled to be the next NHS president.”
While the stress of senior year can be a massive weight to carry, it comes with its perks. I hope the advice you received will settle your distress and make you feel more eager to start next year.