A Quest for Mascara Magnificence

How one does their makeup is a very personalized experience. While some wear it daily, others wear it just on special occasions. In some cases people put on a full face of makeup one day, and wear none the next day. But for those with an everyday makeup routine, there seems to be a passion towards which brand of mascara they use. On a quest to find the perfect mascara, I tried 5 different types and rated them out of 10 based on length, clumpiness, darkness, and application process. Let the show begin.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High
This mascara makes my lashes very long. It almost looks as though I am wearing fake eyelashes because of the long length.
Non-Clumpiness- 3/10
Sky High is very clumpy. My eyelashes clump together and there is a lot of excess mascara on the ends of my eyelashes.
Darkness- 9/10
This mascara without a doubt darkened my lashes ALMOST perfectly. That final point would have been earned if it did this just a tad better.
Easy Application Process- 7/10
Only one short layer was needed to cover my lashes fully. It took a little bit to dry which resulted in it being a little messy around my eyelids.
Overall Rating- 8/10
Doing a good job darkening and elongating my eyelashes while also having an easy application process, I would definitely recommend this mascara. Even though it is pretty clumpy, Maybelline’s Sky High was a quality purchase.

Maybelline Great Lash
It definitely makes my eyelashes appear longer.
This mascara is not clumpy at all.
Darkness- 6/10
It has a tint, but did not significantly change the color of my natural eyelashes.
Easy Application Process- 5/10
It was easy to put onto my eyelashes to the point of visibility, but it did not dry quickly which resulted in a mess after blinking.
Overall Rating- 9/10
I really like this mascara. It is not clumpy and makes my eyelashes look very long. Even though it is a little messy, this mascara does a great job of making my eyelashes look good.

Covergirl Lash Bash
Length- 5/10
The lash lift this mascara gave was not very intense. It is very natural looking which some people love, but personally I prefer more of an intense length.
My eyelashes did not stick together at all.
Darkness- 6/10
It is pretty dark, but it did not change my eyelash color drastically.
Easy Application Process- 7/10
This mascara dried quickly which resulted in no mess. I did need two layers for the mascara to be very visible.
Overall Rating- 7/10
This mascara was not messy and resulted in giving me an everyday, natural makeup look.

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic
Length- 10/10
My eyelashes were dramatically elongated from this mascara.
Non-Clumpiness- 3/10
Super clumpy— my eyelashes do not look natural at all.
Darkness- 8/10
The color of this mascara translated to my eyelashes with a darkening effect but not as well as some others
Easy Application Process- 2/10
Because of the longness of the wand, I had to maneuver my hand in an uncomfortable way.
Overall Rating- 4/10
I personally do not like how this mascara makes my eyelashes look clumpy and unnatural.

After long, restless nights of deliberation and gallons of Micellar Water, I have come to my conclusion. While all of these mascaras do their job well, Maybelline Great Lash particularly caught my eye. With its ability to make my eyelashes long without clumps, Maybelline Great Lash is a great choice for a natural, everyday look. Though, once again, one’s makeup routine is very personal. Sky High can be used for a more dramatic full face, while Lash Bash has a lighter look to it. So with that being said, I hope you all have a glamorous day.