Water You Drinkin’?

Hydrate or die-drate, am I right? Many health professionals and medical gorus are constantly telling us that hydration is one of the keys to good health. Regarding recommendations for good health, the American Heart Association says in an article that “keeping your body hydrated is critical”. With that in mind, the amount of water that one drinks daily can really define a person. Whether you bring a water bottle to school or not, it can significantly affect your body’s total water income. For example, the students of BHS have lots of different drinking habits. To find out more, the students of Berkley shared their personal experiences.
The other day in class, I saw a boy with a very large water bottle on his desk. It looked like a large, overweight blue cat. . Stunned, I took a picture of this large bottle. I glanced at this student’s name tag, and in big cursive letters, I read aloud “Robert Belf”. Still in shock, I asked Belf why in the world he would be drinking so much water! And to my surprise, the answer he gave me was far from expected.
“This all began when I realized that I was not getting enough water before cross country,” Belf responded. “I needed to find a solution to consuming enough water daily without experiencing the inconvenience of having to constantly refill a water bottle. That’s when I discovered Ferris– my 128-ounce water bottle. I bring Ferris with me everywhere in school. And while Ferris is huge and causes me to have to pee around every 30 minutes, I am more hydrated than I’ve ever been”. I asked Belf what he would say to someone who is anti-water drinking. He replied, “What are you doing with your life? Water is essential to life. You are missing out.”
After hearing about the absurd drinking habit that Robert indulges in, I was curious to hear from a student who drinks more of an “average” amount of water daily. So I decided to speak to sophomore Marisa Kopitz about her drinking habits.
“I drink around 80 ounces of water daily,” Kopitz started. “I bring my 40-ounce Hydro Flask with me everywhere I go. If you see me, you see my Hydro Flask. I am always hydrating. Because of my consistent hydration habits, I’ve noticed that I have less headaches and just feel all around more refreshed.”
What Kopitz shared was very informative. Still longing for more information regarding the insane topic of hydration, I spoke to a certain student who does not drink water at school. I talked with sophomore Rhys Rubenstien to hear his opinion.
“I don’t drink water in school,” Rubenstein said in a serious tone, “In general, I drink a minimal amount. The taste of water is too bland for my liking. I’d much rather drink Gatorade, pop, or a typical juice.”
While these three students drink a different amount of water a day, how much water is recommended for the healthiest lifestyle? Kris Gunners, a writer for Healthline, says in an article that “health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses”. Central Drugs says in an article that drinking 8 cups of water a day helps to “maintain a healthy heart and kidneys.” Considering that most say good health is the key to longevity, it is important to have a healthy heart and kidney by drinking 8 cups of water daily.
When it all comes down to it, the amount of water one consumes is a personal decision. There are many different variables that attribute to how much water one drinks. Whether convenience or health is the motive, water affects everyone. From drinking as much water as Belf to staying away from it like Rubenstein, water habits vary. On that note, it is important to do what is best for your body…and try not to die-drate.