The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Jah Shiesty


From pop to rock, Berkely students listen to all kinds of music. One popular genre in the lives of high schoolers today is a subgenre of rap called “plugg.” Jah Shiesty a.k.a. Elijah Henderson is taking on this new trendy genre head-on. After releasing singles throughout the summer and the school year, Elijah Henderson is taking his rap career to a new level. Throughout Jah Shiesty’s rap career, he has achieved 7,400 streams on his most popular song and seven tracks in his discography. With the help of his producer, sophomore Austin White, who creates the instrumentals for Elijah to rap on, the duo is like peanut butter and jelly, the best there is. With Elijah’s catchy melodies and White’s hard-hitting base and dreamy beats. Songs like “100 Clips” (2000 streams) and “So Icy” (7,400 streams) have had fans astonished by Elijah’s rapping skills paired with White’s beats.
One Soundcloud account, “Eddy Bones Jones,” commented on his song “So Icy,” stating, “I played this on a plane and almost crashed.” Referring to how “fire” the track was. Another account named “Weial” commented, “Up next,” explaining how Jah Shiesty is next up in line to achieve success.
I got the chance to interview the “Up Next” rap artist and get to know who Jah Shiesty is.
Senior Elijah Henderson first started rapping for fun in 2021. Henderson stated, “I would only do it for fun with my friends, but nothing serious.” This changed once his friend, Junior Elliot Hoff, introduced him to his now-producer, Austin White.
At first, Henderson was “not feeling it” and didn’t know if he even wanted to make a song with White. Yet, White was persistent to get Henderson on a track; Henderson refers to White’s availability, reminiscing on how he was “always free to make a song,” which convinced him “to make a track with him.”
Once Henderson started recording, he never looked back. Not only does Henderson record songs at White’s house, but so do several of his friends.
They are an entertainment asset, and Henderson exclaims that having friends around him is “necessary” to craft a song. He credits his friends, saying, “I dislike recording songs by myself… There always needs to be a certain vibe, and they create it.” Elijah also credits his producer White for “always having sick beats for us to hop on.”
Having “sick beats” to record on at all times doesn’t mean that recording is easy or quick. Henderson says that “recording songs can sometimes take 20 minutes or a week. It all depends on how I am feeling and what the vibe is.”
Overall, Henderson advises, “Having fun is the key.” Fun is what makes the songs “reach their highest potential” and helps him freestyle and adds inspiration for his best melodies and verses; not being too serious has helped Henderson enjoy and release “fire” songs.
In response to the track he favors, Henderson comments, “My favorite song is currently unreleased, and it features my friend from work named Bryce.” Henderson is extremely excited for that song to be released and says that anyone’s reaction when they first listen will be “unbelievable.”
Henderson is still new to the game of rap, but over time, he has experimented and learned from each recording. One tip that Henderson would give to people trying to pursue rap is, “Being too serious can put stress and weight on your shoulders that’s just not needed.” Henderson adds another point, stating, “Don’t be scared, anyone can record a song, and it doesn’t matter how long or short it takes you; as long as you have fun, that’s all that matters.”
Elijah is looking forward to his future in his rap career, saying, “This new music is going to be amazing; it has all of my friends in it, and we’re dropping a legendary EP coming soon, so wait patiently and you’ll be amazed.”

Soundcloud: Jah Shiesty
Personal favorite: Woah! Ft. Lil Nilla