Next Door: The Neighborly Social Media Site


In the metro Detroit area, people have recently been flocking to use the site Nextdoor for all of their “neighborly” banter. Nextdoor has been a popular site for the people of the Berkley community to air out their petty grievances and wacky occurrences. In short, it’s like Twitter for middle aged suburban people. So, why not look into some of the Nextdoor posts in the Berkley-Huntington Woods area and get a good idea of what this site really is?

#1: This post from a concerned neighbor about the Woodward Dream Cruise tells the grievances of people living near this rowdy celebration.
“Hello neighbors! I live near Woodward, and I just have to say that the Dream Cruise has gotten out of hand! The people sitting in their lawn chairs and minding their own business makes me so annoyed. Like how dare they play music and disturb the people that live here? Their loud cars and reckless driving makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs. And trust me, I do yell at them!! I’m so ready for this to be over!”

#2: Next up is a post that is a little PSA from a community member warning us about internet scams.
“For anyone who keeps on getting a message about a brand new dating app called ‘Dating for Suburban Moms’ don’t fall for it! I have to change my credit card now because they asked for my credit card number! It finally made sense once they asked for my social security number and copy of my birth certificate! What kind of dating site needs that information? Anyway, be careful on the internet!”

#3: Theft is prevalent everywhere, even in Berkley. This victim of petty theft is looking for a very important item that was stolen from him.
“Hey everyone! My bike was stolen right off of my porch yesterday. Who would’ve thought that someone would steal an expensive item left out for days on end? It seems like we have to tie down all of our belongings now-a-days! What has our world come to?!”

#4: Dealing with the environment and the animals in the community can be quite a struggle. This woman is confused on what to do with an animal in nature.
“I was at the Rackham golf course this morning and I saw a fox scurrying around the edge of the park. Should I let someone know about this? If so, who should I call? Animal control? Department of Sanitation? The NSA? Please let me know as I really want to protect our community and our children from unwanted pests #protectourcity”.

#5: Nextdoor is also a very popular site for selling people’s “useful” items that they want to get rid of. This user is selling a used car and hoping to be successful in their efforts.
“Hello everyone! I’m selling my grandmother’s old car from the 60’s! It’s super vintage and could be great for the Dream Cruise. But because it is an old car, there are a few problems with it. For instance, the seatbelts no longer work and have been replaced with duct tape. The tires are all deflated and they no longer sell them in the US. So good luck with that. The engine also completely blows out when the car goes above 25 mph. I was thinking a good starting price would be $55,000, but I would be willing to talk it down to something slightly lower.”

Well, wasn’t that something! In you take anything away from this please, I’m begging you, be smart on the internet or else I’m going to have to make more of these.