Bears of Berkley – Junior, Jodhi England


Jodhi England

Jodhi England

Q: What has been the best moment of your high school career so far?

A: Passing in English class, I really don’t like English.

Q: What is your proudest moment in general (throughout your whole life)?

A: Successfully driving a car in a circle. A few weeks ago, I drove my first car. I was so scared, but I thought I did pretty [well]. I feel like I’m a pro driver now.

Q: Who’s your favorite teacher that you’ve had at BHS? Why?

A: Any of the science teachers: Mrs. Francis, Ms. Nixon, Mr. Austermann. Mrs. Francis especially though. Once I was fundraising so I could go on a mission trip over the summer, and I only needed thirty more dollars. Mrs. Francis gave me fifty dollars instead. It was really nice of her.

Q: What extracurriculars are you a part of?

A: I’m a part of Student Leadership, and the GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance) club. I’m also in Tri-M.

Q: Do you know what career you’d like to pursue in the future?

A: I think I would like to be a doctor, and then become a medical missionary. But I can also make a lot more money if I went to business school. So it’s kind of a toss up. But I do want to help people or create something for them.

Q: Have you taken any steps towards it so far?

A: I have my own bracelet making business, and I also do commission paintings. I got into OTEC for this school year for medical stuff, but decided I wanted to do Choir and Student Leadership more.

Q: What have you liked most about this school year?

A: I made a few more friends. I found one of my new best friends this year. She’s fantastic, and I love her so much! Friendship is very valuable to me, and people make me happy.