Student Run Businesses

As an outlet to keep students sane during the pandemic, high schoolers all over have put their dreams into action and have been able to make a little extra cash as a result of it. Berkley students especially have proven themselves to be successful entrepreneurs despite being a field largely dominated by adults. Here are three student-run businesses that are paving the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bagals: Rayna Kushner + Francesca Haley
Juniors Rayna Kushner and Francesca Haley are the current owners of Bagals. Every Sunday morning, Kushner and Haley are there to save you from cold morning trips to New York Bagel, taking your order every Friday night and safely delivering it directly to your doorstep Sunday morning. What originally began as Bagel Boys, founded generations ago by boys in Huntington Woods, has since evolved to be a female-owned small business that supports the growth of young women through entrepreneurship. According to Haley, Bagals symbolizes a powerful message. “Gender doesn’t have to be a factor of who can run a business and begin an entrepreneurial track.” The bagel delivery service also serves as a manifestation of future goals for the two girls. Kushner shares her aspirations saying, “I plan on pursuing business in college, so Bagals is a great outlet for me to gain experience.” As delicious as an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese is on a Sunday morning, the most rewarding part of supporting Bagals is the connections created within your very own community. Kushner shares that “supporting small businesses, like Bagals, invests money in your own community, and the relationships that we [they] have created with our [their] customers are so valuable.” To support Berkley’s very own businesswomen, Francesca Haley and Rayna Kushner, visit ‘Ba.gals’ ‘ on Instagram for order information.

DrewCo: Drew Lash
DrewCo LLC, founded six years ago by BHS junior Drew Lash, is here to meet all your landscaping needs. It all began as a way to make a little extra spending money, but, now reminiscing on the growth of his company, Lash reflects, saying, “I created my business never knowing how far I would take it.” From mowing lawns to laying down mulch, this self-taught teen is an entrepreneur in the making. Aside from the obvious successes of DrewCo, Lash feels the biggest reward is the experience that comes with owning your own business; “Every day is a learning experience. I have learned so much through my business that I couldn’t learn anywhere else.” Lash also understands the importance of supporting small businesses, especially that of young entrepreneurs, because of the lack of employees and resources to which growing enterprises have access. For a better look into a day in the life of running DrewCO, Drew shares what the average workday looks like for him on weekends and during summers. His day starts at around 8:30 am, beginning with prepping all the equipment with gas, loading up his car, then heading to the site. Reaching out to Lash is the best way to help a small business grow and have the best-looking lawn on your block!

Paradise Avenue: Jessica Anyanwu
If you have been looking to find the silver lining in the past three years, small businesses like Paradise Avenue are the answer you’re looking for. Junior Jessica Anyanwu’s clothing business has clothes from chic to cozy and everything in between. Anyanwu explains how the whole thing started two years ago: “The idea came to me over quarantine as a new way to express my love for fashion and spread positivity.” Each of the pieces found on are hand designed by Anyanwu incorporates a positive message and comes in various unique and aesthetically pleasing colors. The most interesting part of what Anyanwu does is the connections she builds with people all over who rep her products and provide her with the content she needs to help grow her business. Although Anyanwu has had a lot of success over the years, it wasn’t always easy, and she shares advice for anyone hoping to follow in her footsteps: “Starting is always the hardest part, so for any aspiring entrepreneurs, I wouldn’t let the fear of failure or the challenges that arise prevent you from doing what you love.” Anyanwu also shares that without the help of her brother creating her website and guiding her throughout the execution of it, she doesn’t know if it would all be possible. With the help of the people around you, accomplishing your goals becomes a lot easier, and Paradise Ave and Anyanwu’s journey is the perfect example.

Supporting small businesses has always been important, but it is even more rewarding when you know the face behind where your money is going. Whether you are looking for a savory breakfast on your doorstep every Sunday morning or just looking to invest in your own community, these BHS students really know how to get business done.