Meet The New Marketing Teacher, Mr. Hunt


Just a few weeks into this school year, Berkley’s marketing students dealt with a sad truth; the teacher that’s been there for them through it all, Mrs. Heaner, unfortunately left her position as Marketing and Advanced Marketing teacher at Berkley. After transferring to Birmingham Groves High School, she plans to spread her wisdom and work ethic to improve their marketing class, just as she has done for Berkley’s. With that, Berkley’s marketing class set into their new motion, trying their best to proceed with the class without Mrs. Heaner there. Many students shed tears over her departure, but they hope for the best for her in her new setting.
In all honesty, Heaners departure left many with high expectations for the new teacher. After Heaner left, there was a time where substitute teachers ran the class. Meanwhile, marketing students excitedly awaited to meet their new marketing teacher. The decision-making process involved administrators and students’ opinions on an adequate replacement, both seniors in advanced Kaitlyn Mcpherson and Grace Debrecht were there while all interviews were conducted. After talking to Debrecht about the process, she shared, “Kaytlyn and I got to sit in on several interviews for the new marketing teacher. We had about five interviews before we decided on Mr. Joel Hunt. In the interviews, we would have a list of questions to ask the candidate as well as if they had any questions for us about the class or DECA we would help answer those.” After a long process of deciding the best option to lead the future years of the Marketing community, Mr. Joel Hunt was the perfect person for the job.
So, let’s get to know Mr. Hunt. When asked a few questions about himself, he shares, “I’ve been teaching business and marketing subjects for over 17 years at three different school districts. Each district and school year has taught me unique lessons concerning students and subject matter.” Sounds like a qualified fellow. On an introductory note for his expectations in the class, Hunt states, “I hold high standards for all students. I believe teachers are here to help students become the best possible versions of themselves, if they learn a thing or two about a content area that’s all gravy.” Hunt reflects upon the most beneficial versions of his teaching; by urging students to be their best selves, this drive will definitely benefit Berkley’s marketing programs.
Although, every transition or change in life will bring about some form of difficulty. Hunt shares, “I’ve never entered a school year while it was already in progress. Moving across state mid-year is a little overwhelming, it’s created challenges in balancing my professional and personal life. I don’t think it’s too healthy to focus on the pressure of living up to a student’s expectations. My focus is to create a classroom environment where students feel safe and valued.” When times get hard, Hunt seems to push through the hardships and direct this energy towards pushing students to be the best they can be.
Hunt shares his perspective on the first week; “Although my first week at Berkley was very busy, it was also very fun. Everyone from staff to students were very welcoming and helpful.” While Hunt seems to be adequately adjusting to the friendly aura surrounding Berkley High School, it’s great to hear students can welcome a new face with maturity and ease.
A three year standing classmate, senior Katherine Qualman shares, “I like him. He knows what he’s doing; you could tell he showed up with preparation and a plan to succeed in DECA. He has a lot of confidence in his teaching.”
Debrecht adds, “We are very excited to have Mr. Hunt here. He is very knowledgeable about marketing as well as DECA and brings new ideas that can help us improve our marketing program and our store.” With that, Hunt shares a couple of his goals for the class, “I would love to make connections with our local businesses and partner up to create real-world learning opportunities for all students. I’ve got a few ideas for the Bear as well, you’ll just have to keep your eyes open for them.”
Well, it sure does seem like the Berkley marketing program is going to be left in good hands. Finally, Debrecht ends on a positive note, “If someone were to replace Haener I think we are all very glad it is him, and we are excited for the future of the class.”