Berkley Students’ Alternate Form of Learning: Dual Enrollment

Berkley High School offers an array of complex and exciting classes. However, sometimes students have interests that aren’t available to take in high school. Hence, these curious students branch out to alternate education at local colleges through a process known as dual enrollment. If a student is taking a dual enrollment course, this means that one or more of those classes is taken at a college either in person or online/asynchronous instead of all six classes taken at BHS. I interviewed three students at BHS who take a dual enrollment course to understand why they took them and why they are enjoying them.
First, Senior Ella Mendelson takes Computer Science 1 at Lawrence Tech. She took AP Computer Science Principles at BHS last year and discovered her passion. Mendelson’s class is asynchronous because the Zoom class is during her 5th hour. Because she did well on the AP test, she could skip the Intro to Computer Science course and move straight to a higher level at Lawrence Tech. She explains that “coding is enjoyable for me because I get to think in a language that isn’t like my own. Computers can’t assume things, so you must tell them directly what to do. Coding is rewarding because there’s a lot of trial and error. You put so much time and effort into doing something simple like coding a blackjack game. I also love the sound of typing.” Mendelson encourages other students to apply for dual enrollment, especially if they seek accelerated study. She says, “if you are bored in your math classes, check dual enrollment opportunities.”
Another senior, Garret Wyatt, takes a dual enrollment class on microeconomics at Wayne State University. Since he took both AP Economics courses at BHS, he is taking a higher-level course now. Wyatt describes that he took this class because he thinks he wants to have a career in economics and wants to explore the topic further at a college level. He shares, “Dual enrollment gives you a more accurate perspective of college-level courses versus APs. APs are good, but it’s not to the level of college courses. You also have a better chance of getting college credit than gambling on an AP test. Dual enrollment is different because it’s not every day of the week, and you’re also with professors at the collegiate level who know a lot about that topic.”
Lastly, senior Stephen Rothchild is taking Abnormal Psychology at Oakland Community College. Rothchild took AP Psychology last year and realized he wanted to major in psychology in college. “Abnormal Psychology is a requirement for any psych major, so I wanted to get a head start. Psychology is so interesting because you study what everyone is going through and thinking. You get a better understanding of why people do what they do.” Rothchild also shares that taking dual enrollment classes is a great way to get college credit because you don’t have to perform well on an AP test or get an A.
Taking a dual enrollment course is a great way to get college credit while exploring topics that interest you. For more information on dual enrollment, visit local college websites and speak with your guidance counselor!