The Pros of Trader Joe’s


(Chris Samuels | The Salt Lake Tribune) A Trader Joe’s grocery store in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022.

One of the best places to buy groceries is undoubtedly Trader Joe’s. They have everything you could ever need at a reasonable price. It is not only convenient to the Berkley community, but everyone who works there is extremely friendly, and they have excellent customer service. Julia and Jane Heller will now review their favorite Trader Joe’s meals.
One of our all-time favorite snacks is the Giant Peruvian Inca Corn. Where do we even begin? When we were first introduced to this life-changing salty snack, we couldn’t stop eating them. Even though there are only three ingredients, it is filled with flavor! The crunch mixed with the salty taste and the slightly overcooked corn is the best combination. Yes, the loud crunch can be annoying for the people around you, but it’s worth it. You can enjoy this snack from the comfort of your home while trying new food from a new place because it is a Peruvian product grown in the Andes mountains.
Our favorite meal from Trader Joe’s is the Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings. The six hot, delicious dumplings can be made perfect in the microwave for one minute and 45 seconds. The doughy outside mixed with the chicken soup broth and the superb seasoned chicken is the perfect quick meal. If you don’t want to be messy, you can eat with chopsticks! If you want to improve this dish further, you can add soy sauce. This meal never gets old!
If you don’t feel like eating a whole pizza, we have just the solution for you. Another appetizing meal from this store is the mini pizza called “Spizzico di Pizza.” These mini goodies are the perfect bready, cheesy, and saucy combination. Although the mini pizzas can microwave for only a little over a minute, we suggest cooking them in a toaster oven to bring out the best flavor by slightly charring the bread and cheese. The crunchy yet soft bread topped with sweet yet savory tomato sauce and a garnish of melted mozzarella makes the perfect meal.
First, on our dessert tray, we have the vanilla “Hold a Cone.” This delicious frozen treat is a mini ice cream cone with other flavors like chocolate and chocolate chip and seasonal flavors like pumpkin ginger and peppermint. At first glance, while your stomach grumbles in desire, you see a simple ice cream cone with a chocolate coating. However, under this tasty layer is where the delight lies. A creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream sits atop the cone. Although the scoop is small, it is the perfect refreshing satisfaction. After you are finished with the ice cream, a crunch follows. The cone, sometimes waffle or chocolate flavored, provides a crispy texture after the soft consistency of the ice cream. After a couple of bites, you are hit with a surprise. Arguably the best part of the cone is the chocolate chunk on the bottom of the cone. This chocolaty perfection is the finest end of the treat. Because they are mini, it is acceptable to have 2… or 3… or 10.
If you are looking for a dessert on the “healthier” side, try the frozen dark chocolate-covered strawberries named Gone Berry Crazy. We love this dessert because each strawberry is small, so you can eat as much as you want, depending on your hunger. We also love this dessert because it is refreshing and sweet! The packaging is a cute little bunny with strawberries around it! It is a great, happy image to look at when browsing through your freezer. Because there are only a few servings in each box, it is wise to stock up on them before everyone who reads this article goes out to buy them.
Please take our advice and indulge on a flavorsome journey to Trader Joe’s.