Math Classes: An Upperclassmen’s Guide

It is almost the time of year when students pick their classes for the next school year. Finding classes that are just right for you while ensuring they work with your schedule can be challenging. To help with this problem some students may face, here is a detailed outline of every math class you can take if you are going to be a senior next year.
First, we have AP Calculus AB taught by Mr. Weingarden. Each class starts off with Mr. Weingarden going over the past night’s homework. He answers any questions that the students might have. Next, the students sometimes do a “quick review” relating to what we are learning or just jump right into learning new material and doing practice problems. Sometimes there’s even time at the end of the class when students can start homework! The students taking this class get around 30-45 minutes of homework every night. Every week there is a quiz or test. At the end of these assessments, there is always an extra credit question. Mr. Weingarden explains that “there are many opportunities to improve your grade.” Mr. Weingarden wants his students to succeed. Before every test, he offers an extra credit review game. This allows students to review material before the test while getting extra credit. There are five different teams, and each team can get a range of extra credit from one point to five. No student leaves the room without at least one extra credit point! If students struggle to understand content, Mr. Weingarden arrives at school every morning starting at 7:30 and at lunch to help. In this class, you will get a great understanding of calculus while feeling like you are encouraged to succeed.
Next, we have AP Statistics taught by Mr. Fadoir. He explains that students typically get around 30 minutes of homework each night, but it’s not strictly due the next day. Mr. Fadoir says “I am flexible with the homework because I take into account that my students are in other AP classes that also have a lot of homework.” Additionally, if students get their homework on the day it’s due, they get .5 points extra credit. AP Statistics is a question-based class, so at the start of class, Mr. Fadoir goes over any questions, and then there is a quiz every three days. Fadoir explains that he “tries to make the content relevant”, so students enjoy the class more. If students need help, they can see him before school or see Ms. Vivian, who also teaches AP Statistics. He also suggests the college board website for students who need extra assistance. The AP Statistics style of math differs from algebra and pre-calculus because it is more about understanding data than just solving challenging equations. If you want to take an AP math class that isn’t only involving numbers, AP Statistics is perfect for you.
AP Calculus BC is also taught by Mr. Fadoir. AP Calculus BC is different from AB in that it covers twice as much material. This makes the class busy, but you learn a great deal of calculus that sets you up to take calculus three next year. In this class, Mr. Fadoir assigns around an hour of homework every other day. A typical class has a lecture, and then the next day, Mr. Fadoir goes over any questions and then gives a quiz. Every other day students take a quiz, and tests are every second or third week. Every quiz has an extra credit opportunity to boost grades. Similar to AP Statistics, Mr. Fadoir is available before school for support. This class is very fast-paced, but you get a strong understanding of calculus that will set you up for success in college.
For students who don’t want to take an AP math class their senior year, Berkley offers other options. First is Probability and Statistics with Mrs. Danaher. Everyone who takes this class loves it! There is no homework, quizzes, or tests. The class is project-based, so you can get to know your peers! Junior Rayna Kushner shares that the class is “interesting and seems applicable to the real world compared to other math classes.” She is grateful that she took this class to set her up for success when she faces the real world. If you want a low-stress math class that is also helpful for your future, then Probability and Statistics is perfect for you.
Personal Finance is another great class that prepares you for the real world without having too much work to complete for it. Taught by Mrs. Flood, Personal Finance teaches you how to manage your money. This class has no homework, and every other unit has a test! Mrs. Flood describes the class as “a mix of both independent and collaborative work.” If students are struggling, Mrs. Flood is available at lunch, and she posts many helpful resources on Schoology. Although there are resources for students, Mrs. Flood says “most students don’t need assistance.” If you don’t want to have a heavy workload for your senior year math class, but you still want to learn about ways to improve your life outside of high school, then Personal Finance is perfect for you.
Berkley offers many different math classes depending on students’ personal strengths, and no matter which class you choose, you will broaden your understanding of math!