Women’s month: What your favorite girlboss says about you


To celebrate National Women’s History Month, the we Spectator Staff hasave organized a BuzzFeed-style quiz to determine which girlboss from movies and television shows you are most like. Copy the link to take the quiz! After you take the quiz, we have written a little bit about each character and what it says about you if you are most like that person. Keep reading to find out!

If you are most like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, you are independent, caring, loyal, and tough. Katniss cares so much about the people closest to her, like volunteering for her sister at the reaping. You would do anything for your loved ones. You are probably very practical and resourceful as well, maybe a problem-solver like Katniss when she ties herself to a tree in the Games to stop herself from falling. You are loyal and stick by people you are close to, never betray someone even if there is a rough patch. A few of your worst qualities might be that you are judgemental or distant like Katniss is when she first meets Peeta and Haymich. At the end of the day, it may take you a while to get comfortable with people, but once you do you have a close connection that will last a lifetime.


Lorelai Gilmore

If you are most like Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, you are obviously very witty. You always have something funny to add to the conversation. You are also very driven like Lorelai when she worked her way to the top of the Independence Inn, then went on to open her own inn. You are probably very energetic, able to stay up until the late hours of the night, and very friendly, able to make small talk and start conversations with just about anyone. You are creative and crafty and probably prefer dogs over cats. Along with all of these good qualities, you may have tendencies to want to gossip, and you can be disorganized. Overall you are a go-getting, fun person that anyone would want to have as a friend.


Sam Puckett (@MeSamPuckett)

If you are most like Sam Puckett from iCarly and Sam and Cat, you are extremely independent and self-led. You may be stern and bossy at some times, but your friends love you for it. You go with the flow and are easy to talk to. You may come off as intimidating, but once people get to know you, you’re a great friend. You are as loyal as a dog to the people closest to you and have a heightened sense of humor. Just like Sam, your strong beliefs may sometimes clash with those around you, so it is important to always have an open mind when going into conflict. All in all, if you are like Sam, you are a sarcastic individual and a true rebel.


Elle Woods (Allure)

If you are most similar to Elle Woods, you are extremely kind and bubbly. You like to be the center of attention with all eyes on you. You are a fashionista and a diva. While you are extremely smart and self-assured, you sometimes have an issue of getting blinded by love, and not being able to see red flags. You are selfless and put other people’s needs before your own, but this good trait sometimes results in your downfall. Just like Elle, you are capable of achieving anything that you put your mind to. You are a Jack of all trades and very adaptable. Your friends are like your sisters. You are able to become friends with anyone, as you are very social and outgoing. You stand up for what you believe in and don’t back down from a good challenge. In total, you are a loving, smart person who shoots for the stars.

Regardless of which woman you are most similar to, all of them are independent and are able to accomplish anything they set their mind to, just like you! For National Women’s History Month, it is important to appreciate how far womanhood has come and continue to fight for your individuality, just like these characters would. Happy National Women’s History Month, and remember to stay strong!