Outer Banks: Is it Worth The Hype?


Photo courtesy of Netflix

A commotion was made after Outer Banks season three was released. The show became extremely popular after the first season came out in April 2020 during quarantine. Later on, season two was released in July 2021. The show thrived for years until season three was released this February. The buzz didn’t die down after season one. Teens, adults and kids were still obsessed with this show. Once the third season was released, everyone felt required to watch it because of the season two cliffhanger. In all three seasons, they are searching for a different treasure, a concept that starts to get repetitive after the first two seasons.
I think the producers keep the show going because of how popular it is. Although it is extremely popular, if the show repeats the same ideas, no one will want to watch it. So much action and suspense happened in the first two seasons that we were expecting more in the third. The third season had lots of these concepts, but the action and suspense that this season holds are repetitive. For example, the cast is looking for a treasure. Every time they encounter an issue, it always turns into a fight against other people, whether that’s physically fighting them or scheming against them. There is a constant war between people in the show. When the cast searches for the gold, the cross, or the Royal Merchant, there is always an enemy threatening everything they are working for. These fights always become physical, especially when they are getting close to the treasures. Although these things can be very entertaining, after seeing it on repeat, the viewers will get bored. All over social media, I saw people saying how Outer Banks wasn’t good when they focused on the treasure. Social media was also buzzing about the stunt doubles in season 3. Although the acting throughout the show was pretty good, the stunt doubles were either not fitting or horribly placed. The concept of stunt doubles is made so you don’t notice the change, but it wasn’t hard to miss in Outer Banks season 3.
The episodes dragged on way longer than they needed to (the last episode was about an hour and a half). Although the producer wants to fit in all the possible details, the episodes could have been split up more wisely. If the episodes were a little shorter, but more episodes per season, I wouldn’t have stopped in the middle of an episode because of boredom. All of these factors make the show boring to watch. After several episodes, I started to get bored and hoped for it to get better.
Just as season three came out, the cast announced that there will be a season four. All the Outer Banks fans are hoping for a good outcome from the release of season four. If the show keeps up the idea of finding treasures, my hopes aren’t too high for the upcoming season. Although the end of season three prepares us for season four, there are many unknown answers for the upcoming season. There is no way to predict what will happen, so how do we know if it will be good? Although the first two seasons were good, the third was not exhilarating. Fans only hope that the fourth season doesn’t follow this pattern.