Find Your Perfect Match: Coffee Shop Edition

Photo Courtesy of Berkley Coffee.

Coffee shops: an escape for many to get their work done, socialize, and rejuvenate with caffeine, but finding the perfect one can be hard, especially when there are so many great options in the Metro Detroit area. Lucky for you, this list is a compilation of nearby coffee shops that are most popular amongst BHS students.

First off, Office Coffee located in downtown Royal Oak, is most well known for its vibrant and comfortable work space. Not only does the menu at Office Coffee include a wide selection of locally sourced coffee, they provide customers with an extensive food menu with items from their popular “Matcha Smoothie Bowl” to all the way to their “Bird and Berry Sandwich”. Although Office Coffee tends to be pretty busy with regulars getting work done, customers are able to reserve a table ahead of time by visiting their website, ensuring you get a spot everytime. What is particularly special about Office Coffee is that it is a space designated for people who want to get work done, as the name suggests. The space is motivating and puts you in the headspace to get work done.

Next, just down the street from Office Coffee on Main Street, is Atomic Coffee. The ambiance alone of Atomic is incomparable to that of any other coffee shop. With the big floor to ceiling windows, a fireplace, and dim lighting, Atomic is great for both catching up with friends and grinding out a night’s homework. Even more convenient than its location are Atomic’s late hours, perfect for busy high school students. Junior and regular at Atomic Lynnsey Hauger says, “The atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable.” Like Office Coffee, Atomic has a wide variety of drinks, including smoothies, lemonades, coffees, and teas. They also serve gourmet soups, sandwiches, and omelets during the day as well as croissants and sweet treats to tie you over during the evenings. Their quick service and friendly staff are just a few more reasons Atomic Coffee is a great choice.

Finally, relatively new to the local coffee scene is Berkley Coffee on 11 Mile. With a large room designated for quiet work and the rest of the space left for live music and socializing, Berkley Coffee really has the work-play dynamic down to a T. Junior and employee at Berkley Coffee Brooke Hayden says, “What’s really unique about Berkley Coffee is that the customers get to choose their own coffee blend. It’s fun to mix and match, making each visit really fun and special.” Aside from their variety of coffee blends Berkley Coffee also serves café food and regularly serves bagels from New York Bagel as well as Jerusalem Bagels. Hayden also notes that, “Berkley Coffee caters to all ages with the kids playroom for young children to open mic nights for adults.” Berkley Coffee is a fun, versatile space that really accommodates to the customer’s agenda, making this place another great local spot.

Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to study or a unique space to catch up with friends, these local coffee shops are the best spots to go.