The Terror of Testing Week


Pearson English- Language Learning

Exam stress

Berkley High School students had their week of standardized testing from April 11th to the 13th. Students took tests such as the M-Step, PSAT, SAT, and WorkKeys. Tests like these are monumental to all students, but juniors taking the SAT especially. Whether it be the study process, the expectations, or the act of taking the test itself; testing week is one that brings on lots of stress.

When asked about how she was feeling about testing week, junior Ava Long said she felt “nervous and a little bit unprepared” but she “[believed] that [she] can do well.” She explained that the math portion of the SAT was the part that she was the most nervous about and that she wished her teachers had given her some more resources to practice with.

While Long did express her worry for testing week as a whole, she did say that she “wasn’t as stressed” about her score as she thought she’d be, since tons of colleges are now going test optional.

After testing week was over fellow junior Elizabeth Lindholm said she was “glad the tests were over, but still worried about [her] score.” She shared that her biggest struggle all week was the pressure of it all, “because I know it means a lot for my future.” She stated that giving herself time to “just sit and think before each test” was helpful in calming her nerves.

Long said that “hanging out with friends and resting” was her method of conquering her exam stress. “I had to get my mind off of it so I wouldn’t just sit around and be stressed out all day”

When asked about any regrets they had about testing, both of them expressed how they wished they had done more prep.

So while testing week has proven itself to be quite stressful, taking the time to clear your head and do things you enjoy can certainly make it better.