DECA Senior Standout – Freddie Greenfield


Freddie Greenfield


In the two years Freddie Greenfield has been in marketing, he has greatly contributed to his class and the Berkley community. Greenfield is in advanced marketing this year, and with his Berkley Thrift initiative, it is no wonder he is the senior standout. Greenfield, along with his group members, organized an event where students could donate their clothing to be sold to other students at a pop-up sale set up in the gym. All of the proceeds went to Berkley’s DECA program. Greenfield remarks that it was “a lot of work” and “incredibly stressful,” but that the effort was worth it to donate to this program he loves. Greenfield’s favorite memories are from DECA, which he will make even more of next week, as he qualified for internationals! Greenfield explains that through marketing, he has “met a lot of people and made a lot of friends that [he] wouldn’t have met or become friends with otherwise.” Even more than bonds, marketing helped Greenfield really find himself and his passions. He reflects, “Marketing made me feel like I had more purpose. I didn’t know what I wanted to do; I didn’t feel a whole lot about school, but joining DECA made me feel like I had something going on here.” DECA taught him “valuable business, communication, and leadership skills to use after high school,” and he is doing exactly that. Greenfield is majoring in communications and minoring in agribusiness management at Purdue next year! DECA shaped Greenfield’s future, so to incoming students he says: “Definitely join DECA”.