Band Senior Standout – Iris Macaulay



Music has always been a central part of Iris Macaulay’s extremely involved life, as they have been in band since fifth grade. Macaulay became drum major before their sophomore year, is also a part of all-state Honors Band and has gone to Solo and Ensemble seven times: five Districts and two States. The entire marching band got ones at Festival this year, as did the Jazz Ensemble where Macaulay is lead alto saxophone. Macaulay cites being drum major as an imperative force in them developing leadership and organizational skills. “I definitely was not as much of a leader beforehand,” they stated. “I was pretty neutral about the role at first, but taking it on forced me to get myself together and be responsible for a larger group of people”. One of Macaulay’s favorite memories was when the band “pied” director Mr. Thomann. They said that this year’s homecoming game was one of the band’s best performances, but noted another favorite memory from a different game. “The first game this year, the week before school started was where I stuck my backbend for the first time in front of other people”, they explained proudly. Macaulay’s biggest advice for incoming marching band members is to talk to people outside of your grade and friend group. “I’m really glad I went outside my comfort zone and talked to older peers because then I had friends who understood the high school experience and had support systems going in,” they stated.