Choir Senior Standout – Zack Kirkwood


Zach Kirkwood

Choir Senior Standout, Zach Kirkwood

Zach Kirkwood, an avid member of concert choir, has been in choir since 5th grade. Zach is a charismatic choir leader. Choir has given Zach “a sense of community and allowed [him] to make valuable friendships”. Berkley High School’s concert choir program is one of the best in the school. Concert choir gives students the opportunity to grow their singing abilities, along with getting to participate in a statewide competition called Michigan High School Vocal Music Association Choral Festival. Zach reminisces on his freshman year, gaining guidance from the seniors at the time about how to be a good student. Throughout his years in choir, Zach has been able to improve his singing skills. From memories of laughter, to hard work, choir has driven Zach to test his abilities and expand his strengths. He advises “future choir members to always keep an open mind and take pride in being a part of such a great organization”. Though his college career may not involve choir, he will hold his high school choir experience close to heart. Being proud to be able to say he is a member of the Berkley concert choir, Zach looks forward to his future at Michigan State University while forever remaining a Berkley Bear.