Yearbook Senior Standout – Lillith Fleischauer



Lillith Fleischauer is the type of person to get things done, and done well. She’s been in Yearbook since sophomore year, and after being in the class for two years, became the Co-Head Editor-in-Chief of Beartracks (the BHS Yearbook) with Stephen Rothchild. This year, the task of having to run the class and design, edit, and publish the yearbook took up a lot of my time, but it taught her time management and gave her so many opportunities to make new friends and become a leader. The class has also given her many opportunities to take on leadership roles as well as take on the role of following the leadership of others. Fleischauer shares her favorite memory was probably both this year and last, when the class submitted the last page of the book and then a couple months later opening and seeing the book for the first time. She says, “Submitting everything is such a freeing experience because we’ve been working on it since September and it’s a large task, so finishing it in March is one of the best feelings.” Fleischauer says “the class has greatly impacted me for so many reasons and I know that all the skills and experiences I have gained will help me in my time beyond high school. To those who may join Yearbook, Fleischauer encourages that it’s unlike any class you’ve probably taken before. The deadlines are known months in advance and you get a lot of free time which means you have to learn how to divide your time up on your own which can be a curse and a blessing. But aside from that, overall it’s a very fun class because of the time you spend with classmates all working towards something together. As Fleischauer has definitely made the most of every day in the class, her hard work will pay off in preparing her for real-world instances working with other people, as well as personal life at college and beyond.