Student Leadership Senior Standout – Sophia Dawkins


Sophia Dawkins joined Student Leadership in her Sophomore year and has been leading it fiercely ever since. In the past year, Dawkins has soared in her role as Vice President of the class all while continuously staying involved in all the spirit events Berkley has to offer. Being a part of Student Leadership, for her, has been beneficial to her own journey as a leader. She states, “This class strengthened me in so many ways. I’ve learned time management and leadership skills, and I’ve developed overall greater confidence in myself.” Along with that, she additionally appreciates the constant counseling nature of Student Leadership’s events, with Dawkins meeting all different kinds of people while helping with events. She comments, “I love how Student Leadership caters to all kinds of Berkley students and their interests. We really prioritize diversity.” Sherecalls one of her favorite memories from the class being the first prom she ever helped plan. “It was the largest event we’d done since the pandemic, along with it being my first prom in Student Leadership, which made it all the more exciting,” she shares. As for advice for future members of Student Leadership, Dawkins urges students to let their voices be heard. “Every idea is a good idea,” she says, “Do not be afraid to confidently speak your mind, the class will always be there to support you.” Sophia will continue to use her leadership expertise while majoring in human biology next year at Michigan State University.