MVP Athlete- Hunter Robertson


Hunter Robertson is the archetype of a multi-sport athlete. Carrying the load of playing varsity soccer, football, and basketball throughout the school year and during the same season is one reason why Robertson believes he has been awarded the MVP athlete award. Better known as “Bol Bol” for his towering height over his opponents on the basketball court. His 6’5 frame has been a part of the Berkley soccer and basketball teams for four years and football for three years. He explains that he could not have earned MVP without the help of his coaches and teammates. Being a part of these teams, Robertson has learned how to better prepare himself for the future, whether on or off the field. Over time, he has learned how to master the art of hard work and determination. Through this, Robertson has had many great memories playing sports at Berkley, including winning districts for soccer during his sophomore year and making the playoffs his junior year for football. To future high school athletes, Robertson advises them to “take in every moment because it all goes by faster than you know it.” We can’t wait to see what the future holds as Robertson looks for a home to play collegiate football.