Choir Senior Standout- Mya Williams


Mya Williams has been a part of the Berkley Choir program since fifth grade and in the acapella choir since her freshman year. She is the section leader in acapella, which means she helps lead class sectionals. This is a huge responsibility, and she said she has to “make sure all the sopranos are on top of their game, always.” She has loved being a part of this program. It has helped her meet many new people, giving her many great friendships. Choir has provided her many different opportunities, such as performing arts camps, competitions, and meeting a vocalist from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Her favorite memories from Choir are the banquets at the end of the year. Mya explains, “These banquets allow us to say goodbye to our seniors and appreciate them for all they have done for us.” She hopes that all incoming students interested in choir will try out for all the choirs, “even if you don’t get in, keep trying! Don’t give up! It takes a lot of courage to try again after not succeeding, and we would love to have you!” Mya looks forward to her next chapter at Schoolcraft Community College for Culinary Arts, and we wish her all the best!