Bears of Berkley: Freshman, Dylan Field

Bears of Berkley: Freshman, Dylan Field
Photo by Dylan Field

What is the best change from middle school to high school?

The best change from middle school to high school is definitely the structure of school. I like only having six classes, not seven. It makes the workload a little bit easier, so I can give attention to each class a little bit more.

What is one word to describe your first month at Berkley?

One word to describe my first month at BHS would be “different”. This isn’t exactly what I expected for high school, but I am definitely enjoying it.

Are there any classes that interest you next year?

I am interested in taking Intro to Podcasting next year. I’m currently in Mrs. Ford’s podcasting class, and I plan on taking it throughout high school.

What has surprised you about high school so far?

Something that surprised me in high school that hasn’t happened yet is the homework load. I’m getting some, but not as much as I expected.

What are you looking forward to most in your high school career?

I am most looking forward to working my way up and getting into the college that I want. That may sound generic, but that’s already what I’m focusing on.

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