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Shower Thoughts Unleashed: Exploring Questions You Never Knew You Had


Have you ever been sitting around, zoned out in class, tried to sleep, or been in the shower, and had random thoughts about random questions? There are so many things that we wonder about but probably have never taken the effort to figure them out. In this article, we will do a deep dive into some of the questions that you may be too lazy to do your own research on. 


Have you ever noticed that in popular series the very first episode of the first season is titled “Pilot”? According to Andrew Stamm, writer for Celtx Blog, a pilot is created independently from the rest of the show to determine a series potential for success. Additionally, the word pilot, “signifies that this episode serves as the guiding force for elements such as tone, primary characters, and overarching narrative,” meaning it will set the stage for the future episodes. The term was taken from the science and research community which uses terms like “pilot studies,” “pilot projects,” and “pilot experiments” as studies to determine the potential of success for bigger projects. So that’s the meaning of the term but why “pilot” over some other word? Well, David Giatras from CBR explains that there are a few reasons. One being that the pilot is the first episode to air, similar to a pilot taking off a plane. Another being that pilots navigate a plane similar to how a pilot navigates a series.

Friday the 13th

Has anything bad actually ever happened to you on a Friday the 13th? Whether the answer is yes or no, don’t you want to know why that day is famously known as unlucky? Well, one popular theory is linked to Christianity. There were 13 individuals at the Last Supper on a Thursday (Jesus and the 12 apostles). The day after, Jesus was crucified. The number 13 combined with the terrible tragedy that occurred on a Friday, Friday the 13th was born. But there is so much more that contributes to this. The number 12 is viewed as a number of completeness with there being 12 months, 12 zodiac signs, 12 numbers on a clock, while 13 is viewed as irregular and unsettling. This ideology has also shaped the bad luck associated with the number. And lastly, although there is no concrete evidence of the events being related, on Friday, October 13th, 1307, there was the arrest of the Knights Templar by King Philip IV of France. The Templars were a medieval Christian military order and they faced persecution with many charges. This unlucky event for the men further relates the day with bad luck.  

French Fries

We all know french fries are an American delicacy often served with burgers or fried chicken. But they are served in many other ways all around the world. In Canada there is poutine and in the UK there is fish and chips. But they are definitely not a staple French dish, causing confusion as to where their name came from. In other languages, like Spanish and French they are called “papas fritas” and “pommes frites”, translating to “fried potatoes” and not including French at all! The delicious dish actually originates from Belgium, according to Lauren Rothman and Peggy Aoki from Tasting Table. French fries were created because people in Belgium often ate fried fish, but when the ponds froze in the winter they turned to other food like potatoes and prepared them the same as fish. There are a few theories as to why they are considered French. One reason for this name is because “Frenching” is a way of cutting ingredients that “aims to expose all sides of an item, such as potatoes, to the heat of an oven or fryer”. Another theory is that when American soldiers returned from Belgium during WWI with a love of “pommes frites”, they decided to name them “French fries” in English since French was spoken in Belgium. 

Hopefully you feel more at peace with the world after knowing the answers to some of your random questions, I know I do!

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