Senior Sundays- Mary Spurgeon



Q: Who is your favorite teacher?
A: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Danaher because she not only makes learning fun, but she also creates a welcoming and inviting environment in her classroom.
Q: Do you participate in any extracurricular activities outside of school? If so, what are they?
A: Yes! I was on the Girls Varsity Swim and Dive team all four years of high school.
Q: What is one study technique that has helped you in high school?
A: A study technique that has helped me throughout high school is taking a large poster board and with a bunch of colored markers write the main topics I would need to know on a test or quiz. The process of writing something helps engrave it into my brain.
Q:Do you have any embarrassing or funny freshman year stories?
A: Yes of course! In Mrs. Zacharias’s Spanish 2 class we would occasionally play a game called silent ball. Since I am extremely uncoordinated, I was never able to catch or throw the ball and I was definitely never able to stay silent throughout the game.
Q: Do you have any words of advice for underclassmen?
A: Yes! I know high school can be intimidating, but never hesitate to reach out to someone for help whether it is a teacher for help on an homework assignment or a counselor. Also, don’t give into pressure. It is totally okay to not be out with your friends everyday or every weekend, sometimes what is needed is to take a night for yourself.
Q: What is most exciting or nerve wracking about college approaching?
A: I think the most nerve wracking thing about college is moving away from my friends, family, and the place I have lived for my entire life. But, this is also exciting because it allows me to make new friends and to enter a new section of my life.
Q: What is your favorite memory from being a student at Berkley High School?
A: My favorite memory from being a student at Berkley High School is definitely football games. It was a time where our grade could get together on a Friday night outside of school while also supporting our football team.