Halloween Costumes: Scandy or Silly?

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year because of the creative freedom that comes with the tradition of dressing up. There are endless possibilities to what you can pretend to be or look like for the night. Some may dress to impress, while others dress to get a laugh. To see the difference in the direction that people choose to dress up in, Opinion Editor Violet Karp and Feature Editor Lucy Cohen shared their feelings towards this topic. Karp went into detail about the highlights of scandalous, while Cohen did the same for silly.

Berkley High School is an interesting place full of interesting people, especially on Halloween. And when it comes to costumes, Berkley students do it best. But what direction is the best to go in with your costume? Cady Heron had the right idea. The ideology of Halloween, in its purest form, is exposing as much skin as possible. As the night is upon you, everyone should look forward to how bomb they will look in their temporary persona. The art of scandal can be illustrated in many different ways, so with the endless options of things to dress up as, how can one look the best that they can?
I talked to some particularly scandalous fellow students to see their take on the highlights of spicy aspects of Halloween costumes. I first talked with junior Lilli Herron to see how she felt about this particular subject.
“I like to feel confident with what I wear,” Herron started. “I feel empowered when I’m wearing something revealing, especially when I am able to really dress up, like on Halloween!”
I asked Herron what she has been in the past years. “Last year, I was a killer ballerina. This year, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be, but I know I’ll look good.”
Herron shared whether or not she would ever consider dressing more on the silly side for Halloween.
“Maybe I would do a comedic group costume with my friends, but even so, we would make it a little risqué.”
Following that note, I spoke with sophomore Daniel Richmond.
“Dressing scandalously is a way that we can express ourselves creatively,” Richmond shared. “Personally, I dress in a satirical way, almost making fun of the scandalous routes of the costumes I choose.”
“One year I dressed as a sexy giraffe,” Richmond stated. “That was a particularly good year.”
The lure of scandal whilst dressing up is strong in all of us. Even if promiscuous dressing is not your regular forte, Halloween can bring out our inner Regina George. Junior Alexa Figlak shares how Halloween is special for her.
“I don’t wear scandalous outfits to school or on a daily basis,” Figlak started, “so when Halloween comes around, it’s my chance to wear something different from how I usually dress.”
Figlak’s take on Halloween can show how this holiday can be very important to some people. Whether or not you dress scandalously on Halloween, it is important to still appreciate the thought that goes into dressing up. It is also important to respect those who choose to wear a more revealing outfit even if you do not, because confidence is a powerful thing.

While many people will be dressing scandalously on Halloween, others may want to get a good laugh out of the holiday. Halloween is the perfect day that you can pretend and dress up as whoever or whatever you want. So, it’s the perfect time to show your true colors. By this I mean to be as funny and gain as much attention as possible.
“I think I’m really funny,” says Sophomore Allie Capuano. And many others probably think this about themselves as well. Halloween is the perfect time to show your true funniness and grant others with the privilege of a good laugh.“ For Halloween, I want to dress up as Pitbull because it’s hilarious. Imagine my friends and I walking down the school, with our bald caps on, blasting Pitbull,” she adds. If you saw Capuano and her friends, wouldn’t you be laughing? Or at least giggling a little bit. Also, they can receive the credit and pride of choosing the superior silly Halloween costume. Adding on, when people laugh and think your Halloween costume is creative and funny, it makes you feel good about yourself and more confident.
“I have so much life left to live,” states Capuano, “At every event, I want to be the best self I can be, and wearing a costume that shows my true humor will give me just that.” Capuano further explains.
Another claim from Sophomore Aidon Lelli, “[Funny costumes] are more creative because the possibilities are endless.” And especially when it comes to group costumes. If you want to be original, you gotta think creatively and think about what will make people be impressed by your costume.
“Wearing funny Halloween costumes adds flavor to any event I’m at,” says Lelli. When you wear a silly costume, you can stand out in the crowd. With the goofy costumes, the possibilities are endless. You can be anything from a bag of Cheetos to Trisha Paytus and be the center of attention at any party. People will be coming up to you, asking, “how did you think of that?!” or, “that is the best costume I have ever seen!”
Goofy costumes can come in any shape or size and have so much versatility. “I can be comfortable when wearing a funny costume,” says Lelli. It is so easy to incorporate sweats or a jacket into silly costumes so you can be warm and wear what you want on the night of Halloween.
To wrap everything up, dressing in a silly Halloween costume is the right idea for everyone because it’s the perfect way to be yourself while being funny and comfortable on the arguably best holiday of the year.