A Berry Delicious Acai Bowl Review


Açaí bowl places have popped up all over. Favored for its perfect ratio of fruit, granola, and the berry smoothie bowl just melts in your mouth. Even though it’s made of pure fruit, it tastes like ice cream. It fills you up but doesn’t leave a heavy feeling in your stomach. It is the perfect creation. Many people love açaí bowls and have a specific place they always go to. I’m here to tell you a breakdown of the most popular açaí bowl places within a 20-minute radius of Berkley High School.
Playa Bowls Bloomfield Hills
At Playa Bowls, the bowls are freshly blended açaí. They also have different bases other than açaí which is a special feature. The fruit is cut in front of you. The taste is very fresh and high quality. The ratio from granola to açaí is perfect. There is granola at the bottom of the bowl and on top of the fruit. The atmosphere at Playa Bowls is very welcoming and makes it feel like you are at the beach. The fruit is of the highest quality. The peanut butter is very thick and creamy and adds a great touch. The menu has many options and has a bowl or smoothie for everyone. Although this is all good the service isn’t the best, they move very slowly and don’t make customers their priority. The quality of the bowl is the best in town though. Overall I rate Playa Bowls a four and a half out of five.
Fruition is in a perfect location at the end of downtown Birmingham. This is one of the most known açaí bowl places. The menu has eight açaí bowls. The bowls have a great granola blend and perfectly cut fruit. But, The açaí to topping ratio is way too little açaí with a lot of toppings. For me I like 3/4 açaí and 1/4 toppings. The açaí blend is sometimes icey but has a very good flavor. The service at Fruition is pretty good and they get you your bowl very efficiently. Overall my rating is a three out of five.
Nautical Bowls
Nautical Bowls is located in Woodward corners in Royal Oak. They have many different bases other than just açaí. The bases don’t have the right consistency that açaí usually has. The blend has little to no taste. The granola isn’t really crunchy, it’s more of an oat blend. The only fruit toppings they offer are strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. Personally, I love raspberries and other fruits besides the basics.On the plus side, they are allergy friendly which is very helpful for some. The peanut butter and almond butter are made in front of you with a machine which is incredible. It melts in your mouth and fills it with flavor and high-quality nut butter.Overall my rating of Nautical bowls is a two out of five.
Cafe Succo
Cafe Succo is down the street from Fruition in Birmingham. They blend the açaí like a smoothie instead of having it as a base. The açaí blend is pretty liquidy but has a very good flavor. There needs to be more toppings because this bowl has a lot of açaí and very few toppings. The toppings are very fresh and there are many options for toppings. Although there are only four options for açaí bowls they are all pretty good. The price is more expensive than most açaí bowl places. This is a bit inconvenient because this isn’t the best place around, but it is the most expensive. They have a nice outdoor setting area which is especially nice in the summer enjoying your açaí bowl. Overall, I rate Cafe Succo a three out of five.
All these places have their positives and negatives. My personal favorite is Playa Bowls, but everyone has their preference. Some people like more toppings than acai but it all depends. Feel free to trust my recommendations on what place to go to for what you like.