Athlete of the Month: Bryce Scully

Bryce Scully
Bryce Scully
Photo by Maddie Collins

Each month we highlight an athlete at Berkley High School.The Athlete of this month is Bryce Scully who is a captain on the girls Varsity swim team.

Q: What makes you continue to swim?
A: The friendships. They make it so much more enjoyable and the team makes you feel a part of a family.

Q: What is one thing that makes you proud to be a Berkley Bear?
A: Something that makes me proud to be a Berkley Bear is that when we go to meets we are known as the team that cheers for everyone.

Q: What goals or accomplishments do you feel you have achieved in high school?
A: A goal I wanted to achieve in high school is to keep the team culture on the Berkley swim team how it is. It was very important for me as captain to carry on team traditions and make a lasting imprint on the team. And I hope I did so.

Q: What is one perk of being an upperclassman on the swim team?
A: You get the food first. Meaning when we have breakfast after morning practice, seniors get it first. We also get the before meet snack which is nice.

Q: What motivated you to take your swimming career to college?
A: It’s a goal I’ve had since I was little. It’s a unique sport that is very physically taxing but also very mentally taxing, and I think that’s why I like it so much. There’s no other sport like it.

Q: What keeps you motivated while balancing swimming and school?
A: I find I don’t procrastinate a lot when I have swim. If anything, swimming helps me do my schoolwork and makes me a better student because I only have so much time to do it before or after swimming.

Q: What advice would you give to a younger athlete?
A: Work at your dream no matter what people say, but be a humble athlete. The best athletes are the quietest athletes when it comes to talking about achievements. Focus, stay motivated, but also don’t be too hard on yourself or you’ll hate the sport.

Q: What about the Berkley swim team keeps you coming back?
A: The family that I have there. My favorite part of the team is the pre-meet cheers and hyping everyone up.

Q: What is your favorite memory from being an athlete at Berkley High School?
A: At leagues when the 200 medley relay out-touched north Farmington for first place last year. It felt like all of our hard work paid off.

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