Sophomore Saturday – Grace Debrecct

Meet Grace Debrecct:

Q:What is your favorite school club, activity, or elective?

A: My favorite school activity is soccer.

Q: What is one goal you hope to achieve by the time you graduate?

A: I hope to make the varsity soccer team by the time I graduate.

Q: What is your favorite school subject to learn about?

A: My favorite subject this year is chemistry.

Q: Do you have an idea of what classes you want to take next year?

A: I’m interested in taking forensics because I think it would be an interesting class.

Q: What career path are you interested in pursuing in the future?

A: I’m interested in pursuing sports medicine in the future.

Q: If you could ask a senior one question, what would you ask?

A: How do you manage all of the homework, working, and after school activities?

Q: What is one study technique that has helped you so far in high school?

A: Flashcards.