Girl’s Tennis Anticipates Successful Season

Winter is finally coming to an end, and the smell of spring is in the air, which can mean only one thing: the girl’s tennis season is here! The JV and Varsity teams are eager to embark on another successful season. However, this year is going to look a little different from previous years. With various COVID-19 restrictions being implemented for the first time, a shortened season, and numerous open spots on varsity, it’s safe to say that this will be a new experience for all of the team members. However, this has not lessened the enthusiasm of the players.

[We’re all] looking forward to the opportunity to be outdoors once again as we venture toward a new normality

— Coach Waldman

“I’m excited to spend time with the girls on the team, and have the chance to be super active and to be outside all the time,” states senior Isabel Zaltz, who is returning for her fourth and final season. Only just a few months ago, there was a question as to whether the girls would even have a season this upcoming spring, given the state of the pandemic. Thankfully, the players will be able to have a somewhat normal season. To stay as safe as possible, the team is to follow a few COVID-19 safety guidelines. Coach Waldman states, “Certain MHSAA precautions will be kept in place with regard to masks, health-screening checks, number of spectators at events, etc.” This year, teams will also have to provide their own balls and are expected to find their rides to matches because a bus will not be available to them. When asked how she thinks COVID-19 will impact the season, senior Monica McNally says, “[There will] definitely be less opportunity for our team to bond, but hopefully, we will find creative ways to do fun activities and practices.”

Zoe Zaltz

There is a lot of faith that the team will carry its past successes into this season. “The team will absolutely perform well this year,” states Waldman. He went on to say, “Based on the past four years of our girls finishing in the top twelve at STATES each year, I have a great amount of enthusiasm and faith in the strength, structure, and proven performance of our program.” Waldman’s passion for the team will surely rub off on the members, ensuring that this will indeed be another successful spring.

While the obstacles and limitations of new changes may seem discouraging to some, Berkley’s tennis team’s combination of optimism, strength, and a vast array of talents brings hope to have another amazing season. To put it into Coach Waldman’s words, “[We’re all] looking forward to the opportunity to be outdoors once again as we venture toward a new normality and balance within MHSAA Sports and activities.”