Bears of Berkley — Junior Abby Samson

Q: What is your favorite school subject to learn about and why?
A: My favorite school subject to learn about is English. I am definitely a reading/writing type of person as opposed to a science/math person.

Q: What is one perk of being an upperclassman?
A: One perk of being an upperclassman is knowing where everything is. It sounds stupid, but I remember being a freshman and not knowing where little things were.

Q: Do you like attending Berkley sporting events? If so, which sport is your favorite?
A: I love attending Berkley sporting events! Football is definitely my favorite though- nothing beats the football games.

Q: What is one study technique that has helped you so far in high school?
A: A study technique that’s helped me a lot is writing and rewriting my notes. It really helps sink information into my head.

Q: What career path are you interested in pursuing in the future?
A: I’m not really sure what I’m interested in doing for a living…maybe something that has to do with liberal arts? I love English and history, those kinds of classes.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for underclassmen?
A: My word of advice for the underclassmen is to take some time to appreciate high school. It flies by! People said that to me when I was a freshman, and I didn’t believe it, but it’s so true.